Thursday, July 9, 2009

Un Blog Vole Vo a Vec Muya

Wow, I know no French at all.

In Paris now, for about 30 hours. That's the way my world is working. Haha.

Met up with Mallory yesterday which was great, took the Eurosta / Chunnel to Paris and was easy, even though I missed my train.

Our apartment is kick ass, there is this amazing French radio station that is better than any Sirius or XW station I've ever heard, it's all over the place, total random and from all over the world - awesome.

Long day today - met with two modeling agencies, Ford Europe and Major Models - who also have a location in Milan so will have a hook up there - sweet. Showed our books which went over well, got a bunch of models to shoot. Problem is we are coming up to a holiday, Basitille day - sure I spelled that wrong, but it's the French Independence day so the Eiffle Tower becomes a big firework, which should be fun.

Met with a make up artist, who is available, and a sweetheart, doesn't speak much English and willing to work this weekend - also a stylist we talked with is down to work with us. So all we need now is a location, so tomorrow we are scouting out some spots so shoot. Rain in coming on Sunday so we're pressed for time but hope it'll work.

Pushing our trip back in Paris till the the 17th so we can shoot some Ford models as well for another test shoot. If we can get three shoots in Paris in 6 days I'd be very proud of us.

Mallory is doing a great job at trying to speak French and I ruin it every time by speak Amarrrickin - most people are easy to get along with and have been great.

Connected with Lisa Zane, old friend from my Dino days, who happens to be in Paris - we're gonna have out next week, also Anna from Germany who is good friends with my lovely cousin Lydia is gonna watch some Bastille day fire works with us.

Paris is pretty cool, but was a lot easier in London.

Talk soon, off to watch some Office with Mallory and drink wine.

A Bientot!

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  1. Bonjour Shiloh (and Mallory!)! Comment vas-tu?
    Eeeek! I am super stoked that you have a blog now and are updating it frequently. Keep it up! haha. Sounds like you guys are having a swell time, productive too! Can't beat that. Have fun...learn French, haha, and talk to you guys soon. Au revoir!