Friday, July 17, 2009

Deux Photo Shoots in Paris.

Packing up to head off to Milan this evening. Gonna miss this apartment - and Paris has been so good to us.

Couple highlights past week - 

Dinner with Casey and friends.

Lunch with Nichoas and his Lovely wife Vanessa - who are moving into my brothers place and happen to be Parisian - they were so helpful with places to eat and shoot at. 

Photo shoot number one was a blur of a weekend and so many shots to go through - shot over 700 images in one day. Mallory's went amazing as well - and the shots look sweet. 

Realizing when walking with a team of Stylist and her assistant, make up artist and model that Mallory and I didn't know any of these people two days ago and now here we are all trying to get some amazing images together as a collaborative team. Very cool. Julie the stylist was pulled some amazing clothes.

Dinner with Lisa Zane and her boyfriend Joel, hadn't seen Lisa in close to 6 years and Joel had been since Budapest which was almost 8 years ago I think. We had an amazing dinner at La' Amour Hotel - Joel kicked my ass at Foosball, just like he kicked my ass at soccer in Budapest many years ago - damn French. He used to play Semi-Pro, actually played as a kid against Zidane - that's the guy who made "the head-butt seen round the world" in the last World Cup against Italy. Joel said he was always getting yellow and red cards in the games as a kid- ha! Lisa is as inspirational as ever, singing, filming, always enjoying life - left dinner with a big smile.

Bastille Day - not so fun as we got stuck up on the hill trying to see the fireworks on the Eiffel Tower along with the rest of France. So crazy crowded we ended up bailing early and grabbing a bite with Mallory's friend Amy and her boyfriend Domonick. They happened to be in France for a wedding, great company and didn't mind not seeing the show.

Second photo shoot was yesterday and Mallory and I decided to shoot it together as we didn't have much time and only 8 looks. We had met with this designer, Paulina Plizga, and she brought a bunch of her designs and we had a couple of models from Ford Europe come to shoot. Mallory and I had gone to the Louvre the day before and found this great plaza behind it that would be a sweet place to shoot. 

-Side note on the Louvre - wow a lot of people come here this time of year. Saw the Mona Lisa behind a sheet of glass and a million cameras - I don't get that. Why would you take a picture of a painting...not like you couldn't find a picture of it on the internet, not to mention that most everyone was using flash and it must have just been reflecting back at them. Was beyond me. But had to do it I guess, I thought the picture was kinda creepy for some reason - the Venus De Milo was amazing though, as well as the other sculptures.

So second shoot went great, got a bunch of test shots for Ford and the make up artists Katya was also a model so we were able to do a trade and I took some shots of her for her book.  All came out great and looking forward to a couple days of photoshop ahead of me.

Leaving to Milan tonight and things might be shaping up. Two designers from the Naba school have been in contact - one said he has a team already lined up, model, make up and of course he's got the clothes so that would be amazing if we can breeze in and he takes care of some logistics. He invited us to party in Milan tonight, so we're gonna meet up once we throw our stuff in the new apartment and see if we can make it work.

Also have a meeting with Major Modeling agency in Milan on Monday morning, so we will get some more test shoots lined up for next week.

Toying with the idea of renting a car and driving a bit out of Milan to a location that looks very countryside Italian - we'll see if the clothes work out.

Also gonna meet up with fellow Brookies, Angelina and Joe - who are in Milan right now and hopefully we can all pool our resources.

London is calling for me to head back - I know I can get another shoot done there and it would be a quick jump to New York from there. Milan is supposed to be crazy hot right now. See how the next week works out.

Went to the "Bar Hemingway" last night for some photos and research, couldn't take pictures there and then found out that ever cocktail cost 30 Euro! That's over $50 for a freaking drink. We left pretty soon after.

Over dinner last night Mallory and I both decided that Paris was a success. Sad to see it go.

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