Monday, July 6, 2009

Lucky Day Yesterday

So my first shoot went by with some hitches but came out great. I'll post some images when I get a chance.

Calumet - the Photo Store - did not have the flash tube that I needed to get my strobe to work. 

Luckily the night before I met a photographer through Sean named Jasper White, and he happened to have an Acute strobe head that would work with my pack - he was kind enough to let me rent it from him for cheap after just meeting for one day. Trusting guy and I'm glad for it!

Model was mostly on time - stylist was a sweetheart, all her own designs - and Nelson, the make up artist, was amazing. He is really good at what he does, I was blown away - and he was free. I hope I can shoot something with him again today or tomorrow just to get some amazing images of his work.

Also Sean was amazing and assisted the crap out of the shoot. He was wearing a backpack with the strobe pack on his back, Pocket Wizard wireless receiver and would just hold the light and we'd move around the model - it worked so well and we were able to be a lot more fluid in our lighting. Thanks Sean - you rock. Estifi (Seans girlfriend) was awesome to as she was very helpful with the fashion eye, something I'm still working on.

Got 5 shots with 5 different looks and a couple beauty shots. We wrapped around 11:30pm and started at 5:30 - not too long and was a lot of fun.

Found a place with the Flash Tube today, Pro-Center - real close to Old Street Station which is close to where I'm staying, so good to go with the gear.

Have to start planning for Paris next. Need some nice clothes real bad. Looking forward to The Chunnel - first time I've done that and sounds like it'll be much more relaxing than stupid old airplanes.

Happy with the images and love the bits of rain and cooler weather finally in London. 

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  1. Sounds like it's going really well so far, Shi, glad to hear that you're rockin it and having fun too. Send my love to Sean and Stefi and have an excellent time this week