Monday, July 20, 2009

They're not kidding about the food in Italy

Man I love pasta. Had two meals here that have blown me away. Tastes so much better than anything I've had in the states.

Mallory and I are off to meet with Major Models in Milan today. Hopefully will get some agency models for our shoots on Weds and Thurs.

Yesterday we scouted out this amazing location, the Monumental Cemetery - gonna shoot there and hopefully not get arrested or step on a mourning widows foot.

The designers we met with were amazing and really cool peeps. The quality of their work and love of the craft is obvious. Mallory and I were talking about this yesterday and it's always so interesting how a clothing designer can have a story built into the clothes. 

Ludo - who has designed some women's and men's wear - talked to us about this whole vision of travel and adventure and class. We have this great location inside that looks like a library and church and bar and we will be able to shoot for the entire day to get a lot of different looks and locations. Get the sense of a story being told of adventure - some props we still need to get.

Walter - HIs designs are for men's and had this inspiration of colonization and a slight militaristic feel. Looks very cool and serious. We are working on mixing his with another designer with women's and shoot two models together - that'll be in the cemetery.

Looking forward to it, and we have a Make Up and hair lined up for Weds. Still working on Thurs.

Just bought my ticket back to London, so I'll be there this Friday as I start making my way back to California. New York the next week.

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