Saturday, July 11, 2009

So Tired But so Stoked

So started shooting today with Marliena at 11am - she's with Major Models in Paris, great looking girl and so nice - we did some simple shots for the agency - they have some connects in Milan as well so Mallory and I are hoping we can impress them enough to hook us up with some models when we get there next week.

Shoot went great, very sweet girl, from Greece but lives outside of London now, here for vacation and modeling. So crazy how everyone just jumps around from country to country over here. Guess it's like us going to other states, but crap - I rarely do that even.

Mallory was a rockstar and went and bought lunch for everyone, we have our great Stylist - Julie who rocked some real designers clothes - when she opened the bags, Mallory and I looked at each other like, "oh shit, this is for real" little bit of pressure when you've got thousands of dollars worth of clothing and someone else is responsible for it, so I'm responsible for it really.

Julie had her assistant / friend come along, then Anne Charlotte  the Make up artist - we were quite a team and then Catherine, the model arrived and blew us all away. She needed some test shots, but we wanted to use her for the more editorial stuff, shoot on the streets of Montmarte - oldschool looking Paris with tiny streets - it was amazing and Catherine was the real deal, always a great shot.

We got 7 looks out of the five hours on the street - which is pretty nuts, never done that many, never is such a short amount of time and most of them I'm really happy with.

Downloading images now - shot over 13 gigs of images today - lot to go through and edit.

Mallory is shooting tomorrow and I'm gonna be assisting her - gonna be awesome I'm sure.

Cheers, I'll post when I can -

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