Monday, December 28, 2009

Mr. Marsden's Cool Find

My friend Jason Marsden sent me a link to this great photographer.

Check out the splashed milk clothing. Pretty amazing stuff.


Totally inspiring. I'm thinking maybe he did a bunch of splashes with like dolls or shapes and then composited them on there? I don't think you can draw splashes like and look so believable, but then again - I'm not an artists.

Very cool, thanks Jay.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stretching the Van's Legs

Took out the Van today after a day of repair yesterday. A new battery, some tightening of the fan belts and a new coolant hose and good to go.

She dried out a bit on the drive, but still a bit musty. Man, I miss driving that beast but I don't have anywhere to stash her in LA, so she's gonna have to be in a "semi" state of storage until I can find a spot.

Took a drive out to the coast to get some road under her wheels. Bodega Bay and Bay Hill on the drive home. Was foggy on the way out, but cleared up a bit on the way out.

Salmon Creek was firing - looks like a swell was hitting. Really big. No one was surfing though. Doubt I'll ever want to do it - I remember meeting a surfer when I was around 10 years old out there who had been big by a Great White. Showed me his scars - teeth marks the size of potato chips, his whole head was in the shark and it let him go. No thanks.

Sharky Salmon Creek. Clean and offshore.

Local curiosity on Bay Hill.

Vanagon power.

Plan to meet with some modeling agencies in San Francisco tomorrow to do some testing while I'm up here.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Inspired Links!

Also! At the top of my blog I've got some photography and ideas that get me stoked to create.

Hope you enjoy them. If anyone has any that get them fired up - I'd love to hear.

Happy holidays.

Web Site Workin'

Working on the website. Oh updating how long you do take.

Decided to bring back the blog - goal is to post some new images every few days if I can.

Up in Northern California at my folks place - enjoying the cold weather and taking some fun shots of the goofy big Georgia. She likes to sit outside all day, bark at the door, and try and get everyone to come play with her.

Goof ball.