Tuesday, July 28, 2009

London Again

So back in The Big Smoke. Not sure why it's called that - I guess back in the day it was pretty smoky here during the 'ol industy revo - so glad we have "clean coal" now - Ha! Oxymoron if I ever wrote it.

Anyway. Finished two shoots with Mallory in Milan which went great. Ended up connecting with the airplane meeting Marcello's girlfriend's sister, Julia. She was great and her clothes looked amazing, we also shot the designer Walter with all his mens designs. All with agency models who looked amazing, had great personalities and I'm happy with the shots. Can't believe the good luck we've had while over here.

Also we had a great night out with Marcello and his girl in Milan, even though we got eaten up - who knew Milan was a mosquito haven.

So first shoot was with the designer, Ludo - from Naba school of design. His stuff was great, whole concept was travel and adventure. We locked down this amazing location, had to pay for it - but worth it, which was a restaurant with lots of cool locations. Ludo came through at the last minute with a fantastic model from Elite - she was beautiful, didn't speak any english and was very sweet. We also had a male model, Marco, who was super chill and you couldn't take a bad picture of him.

We ended up running a bit long at our location so we moved to Ludo's friends house with a balcony that we were able to make look like a little Moroccan patio - I think the shots are gonna be great.

Next day we shot with Walter and Julia - Walter had men's wear and Julia had womens. I heard about this cemetery in Milan which is amazing, the monumental cemetery it's called. Mallory and I scouted it a couple days before and it looked great, but not friendly (as in allowed to shoot there) to photographers.

We ended up splitting our team into a couple different groups so we didn't look like a photo team. Made it in the back and shot in the crematorium - looked so freaking cool, I can't wait to photoshop the images - the clothes fit and the models were on point.

We ended up getting kicked out cause they saw what we were doing, but by that time we had already gotten the shots we needed - they were yelling at us that they would call the police and confiscate all our equipment. The great thing about not speaking Italian is when someone is yelling at you - you have no idea what they are saying. :)

In London now and feeling a bit burned out. Off to New York in two days and hope to get a shoot together there. Would like to shoot tmrw if I could, but feeling a bit behind on photoshop work.

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