Saturday, July 11, 2009

Still hard to wake up early

You'd think I'd be adjusted to the time zone by now. Mallory should be the one hurting more, she's coming all the way from California.

So random, got an email from a good friend Casey Morris, who emailed me asking  where in Europe I was - she was in Paris as well! So we had an amazing dinner last night with some great folk, Nadia, Eli, Lillie, and Laura - was so refreshing to have a long meal and not stress out - parts of this trip have felt a lot like work.

Met with two stylists yesterday, Julie - who was able to pull some amazing designer crazy clothes. Also Paulina who is a designer and her stuff is great, she showed us around Martemonte and Sacrecoure - which was packed with people but I hope to shoot on some of the cobblestone streets in that area.

Almost 10am and have my first Model arriving for a test in 15 - this espresso machine in the apartment doesn't seem to have enough kick so I'm gonna head down to the cafe on the corner.

Will upload pics from todays shoot, when I get them together.

Hope all's well with everyone!

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