Saturday, July 18, 2009

Great Entrance to Italy

Cleaned the apartment - did some laundry (so sweet) and met with Jerome who was in charge of the apartment in Paris we were staying at. Nice guy but we ended up talking with him for a long while instead of planning our arrival into MIlan.

We had a 7:45pm flight and would arrive at 9:25pm. We hadn't made any plans yet as far as how to get to the city, we had no map, no idea of the subway system, trains, nothing.

We knew we had to meet Marco here in Milan to get the key to the apartment we were staying in. We weren't too stressed cause we were confident in our travel abilities but it was pretty poor planning on our part, but it did work out - better than we could have hoped.

After we landed (rocky flight btw) Mallory turned to the gentleman sitting at the window seat and asked if he was familiar with the subway and how to get to the center of Milan. He was very nice and after a brief conversation he smiled and offered to drive us into town! His name is Marccello and he was in Paris on business, he works with the French for an IT company and his car was parked in the lot outside.

We all hit it off and after a wait for the bags and a lost car we were on our way. We got to talking and then find out that Marccello's girlfriend's sister, just graduated from the Instituto Marigoni - one of the top fashion design schools in Milan. Mallory and I are not sure but I think Brooks has already been in contact with them about setting up a class with them next year for some fashion / photography exchange program.

He called his girlfriend and she was very excited about the idea and is going to talk to her sister about getting together make up and models and everything.  What a chance encounter - it's always amazing when you open up to people and remain open to experience where it will lead you - I'm so glad Mallory talked to him!

Funny how stuff like this happens on trips and not at "home" - I remember talking with someone about this phenomenon - I think it has to do with the fact that you are more open to new things in another country or adventure. At home we seem to close off and get into "our" world. Think a good goal would be to get to that state of mind all the time. 

Apartment is great - we are right on a canal! I guess this a a happening spot cause it was a big party scene last night outside - it's a pedestrian only street and filled with cafes and bars - Friday is the night for Milanos I guess. Quiet outside now, just some random shouts in Italian and some workman whistling outside.

Off to have coffee with the designer from Naba (another fashion school here) who sounds great - we couldn't make it to the party last night with him - too tired.

Random side note: had a great dream about Gordy (my little dog, for those of you who don't know him :) last night and he became best friends with a cat - could never happen in real life of course for all who know Gordy - but the twist was that the cat was so in LOVE with Gordo that he was all annoyed at his new sidekick. The cat was always scratching his back and trying to be his best bud. Haha! Thought it was funny but made me miss the little bugger, family and Redwood Shire. 

Much love to all.

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