Saturday, June 20, 2009

So this is my blog - wow - I feel so fresh and new and kinda lame about the whole blogging thing. But I think it's goo for what I'm about to embark on.

Had a couple people tell me this would be cool for me to do as I'm off for a two month adventure in East coast world and Europa - woohoo. But people may want to check in with me and I think it might be a good way to keep me posting new stuff and keep a record of what's the haps. 

So now you have a blog with me if you want to follow. So there.

So my plan is: I will fly out tonight at 9:48 from LAX, good old super shuttle with take me to the lovely aeropurte - not sure if that's Spanish but sounds fancy and close.

I'm cracking a Red eye to Newark and then off to Albany. Get in at 9:45am. Ouch. I think I'm in the way back too so I can't recline in my seat, damn I hope that's not true, but still, only about $300 for the flight so I can't complain.

May hang out in Albany for the day and then catch a ride with Mallory as she heads up from New York on the train to my folk's cabin in Vermont - but that's not till like 6:00pm so I think I'll be a little bored in the cracking city of Albany.

For real though, bored sounds amazing, I'm so fried from school and work and so much going on, I think a day of kicking it in a small town in upstate New York could be cool.

Here's my plan for the next two months -I've got 2 jeans, one pair of khakis, three t-shirts, one nice shirt - two cowboy shirts, five pairs of socks - all brown, flip flops, nice brown shoes, one nice shirt for going out, my leather jacket and...nope - that's it for clothes.

As far as photo gear goes - any Brookies reading this will like this I bet: I got a Profoto 600 with one Acute head and two batteries, 3 foot octabank with grid and speed ring, my tripod will double as a light stand, profoto reflector with 5 degree grid, three pocket wizards cause I also have a Canon 580 EX that I'll use for a rim light if needed. 5 in 1 reflector, 24-70mm 2.8 , 50mm 1.4, 70-200mm 2.8. I think that'll be enough to make pretty people look good and fashionable.

So here's my deal people and any input would be amazing!

I have my flight booked from NYC to London on the 1st of July. Sean Fox, my man - is lining up some stylists and models and goodness for me to take some pretty pictures. You rock brother.

Waiting for super shuttle right now - off to Vermont for my brother's graduation celebrations - he's a big grown up with a Masters now - Congrats Rider!, you rock! - still haven't gotten my BA and my younger brother gets his masters, bastard. :)

So my plans are:

Vermont for the next week - then New York until July 1st.

July 1st - 9th - I'm in London with Sean Fox - that sexy son of a gun.

July 9th - 15th I'm in Paris and meeting up with Mallory, shooting fashion hopefully. 

July 15th till the 27th I'll be in Milan connecting with Naba school, fellow Brookes students and shooting some fashionable clothes for them.

Maybe the 28th of July - I'll fly back to New York to shoot some stuff there, then after a week or so, I'l head to San Francisco.

If you know any connects in any of those town, please give me a hook up - I'm flying blind for a lot of this and would love any help you awesome people could give!

Thanks and I'll try and keep this updated if anyone is interested in my Blog-O-rama- HahA!


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  1. You're a modern-day tasmanian devil, dude. I love it. Will I see you in SF? We're getting back from the bike tour right around the time you arrive here.